Juice Fasting Vs. Water Fasting – It’s Decision Time


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When you compare juice fasting vs. water fasting it can often cause a heated debate. But which one is really better for you?

There’s nothing new about fasting. As a matter fact, it’s been around since before the Bible. However, there are a lot of people out there that believe a water only fast is the only true way to fast.

Juice Fast Vs Water Fast

However, proper juice fasting will actually provide you with more benefits than water fasting alone, and without many of the drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at juice fasting and water fasting.

 Comparing A Juice And Water Fast

Juice Fasting Vs. Water Fasting


Muscle Loss

One of the big drawbacks that can happen during awater only fast is excessive muscle loss. This happens when your body is not properly nourished and actually begins to cannibalize itself. Your body will begin to break down its own muscle tissue and use it as nourishment.

However, with the right kind of juice fast, you will continue to provide your body with much of the nourishment it needs. Because of this, you probably will not experience the same kind of muscle loss that often accompanies a water only fast.

 Antioxidants And Free Radicals

Another comparison between juice fasting vs. water fasting are the antioxidants in your body. One of the major benefits of juice fasting is that it will supply your body with a vast array of antioxidants.

These antioxidants are extremely important because you’re going to need them to protect your liver from the enormous amount of free radicals that are often released during fasting.

Water fasting will actually decrease the amount of antioxidants you have stored in your body and this can greatly increase your risk for oxidative damage from free radicals that can attack your tissues and organs throughout your entire body.

 Your Body Needs To Heal

If you want to increase the healing benefits of fasting, then you need to fast with their correct kinds of raw, fresh juices. A correctly prepared juice fast will feed your body with juices that are packed full of nutrients, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

Juice fasting can supply your body with the raw materials it needs to repair yourselves, heal your organs, and protect your body’s tissue from dangerous free radicals.

 Losing Weight?

Another big comparison between a juice fast vs. water fast is weight loss. It’s true that the correct method of fasting can often allow you to shed a lot of extra toxic fat very quickly.

However, there is a big difference between juice fasting and water fasting when it comes to weight loss. A water only fast can actually cause you to gain a significant amount of weight after the fast is over!

You’re probably wondering how on earth am I going to gain weight after I’ve lost a lot of weight during a water only fast? The reason this happens is because with a water only fast your body is not getting the nutrients it needs, and this often causes your body to trigger a state of muscle cannibalism.

Then, your metabolic rate will begin to slow down. It’s this metabolic slowdown that is often the reason people gain weight after a water only fast, and this happens when they begin to eat again.

When you are on a water only fast, your brain will begin to tell your body that you are starving, even when you’re not. Because of this, your body will go into a survival mode and it will try to hold onto all of the calories it can. When this happens, you can literally eat nothing at all, and still lose only a small amount of weight.

The worst part is, your body will not immediately move out of this survival mode. It can often take months for your metabolic rate to fully recover. Therefore, when you go back to eating a normal diet, you will usually gain weight very quickly. Many people even gain more weight than they started with!

 Do You Have Enough Energy?

Another big comparison between juice fasting vs. water fasting is the amount of energy you have. A lot of fasting programs are so physically challenging that they can often leave you feeling completely wiped out.

When comparing water only fasting and juice fasting, most people say that they have much more energy with the juice fast program.

As a matter fact, juice fasting will actually increase the detoxification capabilities of your body which will help to eliminate toxins more efficiently. Because of this, you may even experience more energy during a juice fast.

 Be Kind To Your Liver

When you are comparing water only fasting to juice fasting, you need to consider the strain it’s putting on your internal organs. One of the most important organs in your body is your liver and water only fasting can place a considerable amount of strain on this already overworked organ.

Your liver is your primary detoxification organ and you need to do everything you can to support its vital functions. This is where juice fasting comes in. Juice fasting actually provides your liver with some of the vital nutrients it needs to function properly and cleanse your liver.

On the other hand, water fasting actually places more strain on your liver. This is one of the reasons that people often experience an overwhelming sense of fatigue during a water only fast.

Now that you’ve seen the comparison between juice fasting vs. water fasting, it should be a pretty easy decision to make.

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